Those Who Have Served

The following priests have served St. Mary of the Purification Parish:
Father P.S. Mahuet 1863-1870
Fr. R.R. Maurice L.L.D. 1870-1876
Fr. B.J. O’Connell 1876-1886
Father Patrick Cassin 1886-1892
Father B.J. O’Connell 1892-1908
Father T. Kelly 1908-1915
Father Daniel Kehoe 1915-1919
Father James Mulvale 1919-1920
Father Albert Capps 1920-1923
Father Thomas Malone 1923-1928
Father Thomas P. Doyle 1928-1956
Father Vincent A. Priester 1956-1957
Father Isadore Hoffart 1957-1958
Father Thomas Mulhall 1958-1964
Father Harold Higgins 1964-1969
Father Phil Lardie 1969-1987
Father Leo Speagle 1987-1996
Father Gerald Mulhall 1996-2003
Father Murray C. FarwellĀ  2003-2013
FatherĀ Brendan McGrath 2013-2015
Father Joe Selvanayagam 2015-Present